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We have created a ton of stuff over the years aimed at helping people figure out where to live or invest.

From investment philosophy in El Salvador to how much it costs to buy groceries in Panama, we have been striving to anticipate the needs of all our readers.

Maybe you want an up and coming place on the beach or a city in mountains, either way, we want to help you figure it out.

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Which Country is Best For You?

This is a tough question, as everyone is a little different.

Our part is to provide accurate information and not embellish or exaggerate.

Everywhere is not “great” and we know it, but with our matter of fact approach we aim to help you quickly sift through different and come up with your perfect paradise.

To get started try our unique and helpful

VS. series

We wrote a series of articles meant to pit one country VS another, we use several different categories to compare each battle royal.

Panama Vs. Costa RicaEcuador Vs. Nicaragua, and so on….

Only you  can decide the ultimate winner.

How Would You Like to Hear On The Ground Information Directly From the Source?

(Above) View from the beach on Boca Chica Island, our latest project.

If you answered yes, we have you covered.

Tune into the Central American Real Estate Show our new mini-series. Each show we interview different real estate professionals in countries all over the Latin Tropics and talk real estate.

There are five different episodes in the series and it is growing all the time.

Local land costs, building costs, investment options,  where to live, and major infrastructure changes are all covered in the show.

Note: Click on article info to download show and listen when ever you decide on your mobile device.

Central America Real Estate Show Vol.1

In this episode we cover:
  • Southern Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • Roatan, Honduras

Listen to real estate professionals discuss their markets, where the opportunities are today, and who is buying.

Play it below or visit the show page here.

Volume 3 All About Nicaragua

In this episode we cover:

Nicaragua and all its awesome potential. Barry Oliver, a real estate professional, has over 10 years of experience in the country and his knowledge will make a difference if you are considering buying or investing there.

Central America Real Estate Show Vol 2

In this episode we cover:
  • Northern Costa Rica
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama

Market updates and actionable information  you should hear.

Listen below or Click  here for more information about the show

We have several other volumes for you to choose from

Volume 4 covers Belize you can listen here

Volume 5 covers Ecuadors Beaches  Listen here

Volume 6 covers the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, Jaco, Manuel Antonio and Dominical Listen Here

A discovery that could change your life

Adventure Colony is all about the reasons to live in harmony with nature.

Grab your free copy of Adventure Colony, a 54 page eBook about a new way to live in the Latin Tropics.

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Where Do I learn About Investing?

Great Question.

At out core that is who we are, investors.

Even though we have grown our business to help people in all aspects of moving to Central America, we have spent years thinking about investing.

We suggest downloading Pay Dirt! our popular guide on how to invest in real estate.

It distills our 20 years of experience into a useful tool for anyone interested in buying property.

The video below was made originally to promote our investment e-mail series. That series has now become Pay Dirt! a 50 page book

Learn to Think Like a Professional Investor

Paydirt is an e-book that is over 50 pages

This  e-book will teach you how to invest like us.

The information within its pages works for buying a house or investing millions of dollars.  We use the principals for both.

Get Pay Dirt Now

To busy to read right now? 

You can always listen to our podcast episode,

How to Invest in Central America Real Estate.

In it we cover several of the subjects covered in Pay Dirt!

Listen Now


Protect Your Assets Offshore, It is Easier Than You Think

Did you know there are several benefits to just investing in an another country?

There is and it’s called Offshoring.  We’ve written a 53 page book about how you can do it.

And we’re giving it away for free.

Grab it before it’s gone.

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Take Us With You

(We are not trying to be creepy, we just want you know you can download episodes of our podcast and listen anytime, anywhere on any device)

Listen and Learn

Panama Residency and Beyond

Ricardo Faraudo discusses all your residency option in Panama and even if you need to worry about it all.

All there is to know about Costa Rica Residency

A discussion with residency attorney Andrea Pignatauro about all your options for living in Costa Rica

Scouting Mission Colombia and El Salvador

Here are out thoughts after returning from scouting out Medellin and El Salvador.

Show page here

Thinking about building your own house?

Don’t even think about it before listening to this show. Deconstructing Construction is a discussion about the nuts and bolts of building a home, what to do and what not do.

We Found Some of the Best Places Already

Have you ever thought of owning an island?

Well you can. Our Boca Chica Island project offers uncrowded jungle living just 40 minutes from the airport.

See Boca Chica Island Now

Click here and take a tour of the Island

Playa Burica

is our other project in Panama.

It is almost sold out, but some of the best lots are still available. 1/2 acres pieces  on or near the beach starting at $39,000


Just for Grins. Our most entertaining work

While building a dock on Boca Chica Island “Disaster Strikes”

They were placing an extremely heavy concrete block to act as anchor for the future float on the dock.

Shockingly, the boats were up and running again in less than hour after this happened.

Incredible Story

  • Ex-Smuggler tells how he went from $100 deals to $100,000,000. His story is about to become a movie

See the show page for more information about Ex-smuggler Brian O’dea here

  • There is also Part 2 with Brian O’dea smuggler extraordinaire.


One of History’s Defining Moments

  • Hernan Cortes, Conquistador takes over the Aztec Kingdom of King Montezuma, you won’t believe how it happened.

More on this epic showdown between Spain and the New World can be seen on the  show page here